1.1 To enrich English language learning and teaching through:

a.    Incorporating the four key tasks of curriculum reform viz., moral and civic education, project learning, reading to learn, and IT for interactive learning into school-based curricula.
b.    Promoting life-wide learning.
c.    Implementing task-based learning and teaching.
d.   Catering for learner diversity.
e.    Developing the creative and critical thinking ability as well as the ability to communicate with others.

  1.2 To create a language-rich environment by:

a.   Providing greater opportunities for learners to use English for purposeful communication both inside and outside the classroom.
b.   Making use of learner-centred instruction to promote learner independence.
c.    Making use of literary and imaginative texts to promote critical thinking and encourage free expression and creativity.

  1.3 To develop the “reading to learn” culture through encouraging learners to read a wide range of materials with different subject content and text-types.
  1.4 To develop generic skills, positive values and attitudes through implementing school-based curriculum design and teaching activities.

Overview of English Lessons


Lessons co-taught by a local English teacher and native English teacher

Small-group oral lessons with a native English teacher

Lessons delivered by a local English teacher

Total number of lessons

P.1 – P.4
(per week)

4 lessons
(NSEC program)

1 lesson

4 lessons

9 lessons

P.5 – P.6
(per week)

3 lessons
(NET scheme)

1 lesson

5 lessons

9 lessons

  Parents' Guide to Effective Engliah Language Learning


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